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If you are an angel investor, venture capital firm, private investor or entrepreneur looking to invest your money and save time, you have come to the right place. We understand your selection needs including how much weight you place on existing or potentially existing intangible assets. We support our investment network on new investments and a range of services including deal sourcing, due diligence, research, financial structuring, competitive review, market positioning, financial analysis, modelling and valuations. We also assist existing portfolio companies with strategic direction and business development including IP commercialisation.

We save you time by filtering scores of business propositions and present you those that meet your exact requirements. Our proprietary model (Zedmaster) enables us to quickly assess start-ups using key metrics. We add value by working closely with start-ups to ensure they are investment-ready with the greatest chance of survival, and structure equity deals that satisfy all stakeholders.

Our intellectual capital and wide personal networks – including students, entrepreneurs and innovators – grant us access to ideas very early on. We treat you with utmost confidentiality and maintain your corporate brand. Mentoring opportunities also exist for established investors who would like to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs.