Amoo Venture Capital Advisory

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Setting up and running your own business can be daunting – but with the right support, tools and planning, it can be the most liberating professional decision you will make. We support pre- and post-VC technology startups who typically come to us requesting support with raising capital. You may need help with your slide deck, investment presentation pitch, access to our database of VCs, preparation for your first meeting with potential investors, or more information on how venture capital works. We shed light on a misunderstood sector and help you avoid common pitfalls as you grow your disruptive business.

Our value proposition:

  • Maximizing your odds of raising finance
  • We leverage our relationships with VCs to get your business in front of relevant potential investors
  • Create a high quality slide deck (we’ve created award winning slide decks)
  • Screen our network of investor relationships to decide which ones are most appropriate for your business
  • We send a highly regarded quarterly newsletters to our investors with elevator pitches of 8/9 businesses

Our process:

  • We receive 5-6 new proposals each week
  • We get back to senders to request executive summaries (preferred) or business plans
  • We do not sign an NDA at this stage before we conduct due diligence. This simply means you get an initial free consultation where we review and decide whether yours’ is a project we can add value to based on our experience, investment network & market conditions
  • We aim to respond within 14 days – typically with questions and comments
  • Once you get back to us we then arrange a meeting to finalise what you need and present a quotation for our services

Our services:

Investment Readiness: We work with you to give you inside tips on fund raising. We do not simply send your slide deck to every VC. On average, they receive over 20 proposals a week and make less than 7 investments each year, depending on fund size and life cycle. From workshops and fund raising audits, to valuations and making your business proposition more attractive to investors, we package your opportunity, and highlight your most valuable assets, to make suitable for professional investors.

Early-Stage Business Support: We back managers through the critical stages of their business life cycle as they execute a vision. Our strategy workshops are popular and include deliverables like credible 5 year projections, objective snapshot of where your company is currently, and a funding roadmap that includes forecasts for staffing, revenue, and strategic partnerships. As experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we don’t just talk corporate finance – we roll up our sleeves to add value to your business.

Capacity Building: From the beta stage of your venture to consolidating your project’s structure while bootstrapping and taking your idea to market, we are behind you. Most businesses fail and a majority are not investment ready. We focus on your bottom line and on helping you gain clients and generate revenues. We support you in your recruitment, team building, strategy and partnerships. Think of us as your interim COO.