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“Texchange instructed Amoo to assist with fundraising and business planning. Amoo quickly established themselves as our most trusted advisors. The Amoo team worked with us as a seamless extension of our management team and guided us effectively through a potentially difficult phase of our growth trajectory. Primarily, the value Amoo added was to assist the company to be investor-ready; including the development of a financial roadmap and business plan, preparation for due diligence and coaching on how best to pitch to prospective investors. This helped sharpen our focus on key target markets, strengthen our value proposition and attract an experienced non-executive director. In addition, Amoo indirectly helped us to secure new projects, hire new staff and form partnerships with key suppliers. We therefore highly recommend Nzube and the Amoo Team to any early-stage companies wishing to grow.”

Massive Analytic
CEO: “Amoo did an excellent job for us in business planning to secure an NED round. I am extremely pleased that we decided to use them”
MP: “Commendation by Estonian Parliament for services to Estonian startups”

CEO: “Support they gave helped us facilitate our fund raising process”

CEO: “The value of the advisory service was priceless and we got a lot more than we could have ever imagined”