Amoo Venture Capital Advisory


As part of our corporate social responsibility and giving back to the startup ecosystem, we ran two well-received technology events each month in 2012. One of these focused on OECD and the other on Emerging Markets.

These merged in January 2013. More information on either can be found below and in our past events page.

Upcoming events, now under the single brand place4BRICS, can be found here. The hashtag for our events is #AmooEvents

Amoo Booster Series (@amootweets) – (ABS) is a monthly event to deliver practical advice to startups through notable speakers from the industry, who are as passionate about startups as we are.

place4BRICS (@place4BRICS) – provides a home for the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) community. We organise monthly events every second Wednesday to allow like-minded entrepreneurs and investors make connections.

Below are some of the partners, supporters, speakers and sponsors that we have worked with.